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With the Education Act of the Government and the Ministry of Education, teaching of foreign languages started at the school: English, German, French and Spanish also Slavic languages as: Russian, Ukranian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Serbian and Croatian were taught as co-education at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Department “Slavonic Studies”.




A Curriculum Document was initiated by the Dean of Slavonic Studies, Prof. Iv. Boujcliev and the Headmaster of the School – M. Popova; the University established authorities teaching Slavonic languages at the school.





The first teachers in Slavonic languages: senior assistant Margarita Vilarova in Polish language, senior assistant Tatjana Dunkova in Serbian & Croatian languages, senior assistant Stylian Stoijchev – Czech, Madlen Boujclieva and  senior assistant Velichko Panajotov – Slovak.





The first Graduates of the School in Slavonic Studies;

Associated Member of UNESCO and the Council of Europe.




The first school in the history of Bulgarian education to teach Slovak, using the language books of the “Sucromne Slovanske Gymnasien” in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.





On the Initiative of the Ministry of Education,  the School 142.SOU was transformed into 142 Primary School for foreign languages and “St. Methodius” Gymnasium of foreign languages was created – specializing in Language Teaching; First textbook in Czech language, written by Stylian Stojichev, senior assistant at the Sofia University “St. Kl. Ohridski”, teaching Czech at the Gymnasium.






A Dedication Flag Ceremony and aconsecration of the portrait icon of “St. Methodius”, painted by the teacher in Russian – Tatjana Dimitrova.





The first language training sessions with a school in Ottobrunn, Munich, Germany.

“European Lessons” and the textbook “Know Your Neighbour” by Pajadeja Fondation.








Participants in an international conference “Eckoforum for Peace” in Talin, Estonia.

Vesselin Stanchev, 12th Grade - awarded first prize for his essay called “My Future in Europe United.”




10th Anniversary of the School in Teaching Slavonic languages celebrated on behalf оf Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski.”




The Municipal Committee of Sofia awarded The City Symbol to Mrs. M.Popova, headmaster of Gymnasium of foreign languages “St.Methodius.”




Ralitza Jordanova – 11th Grade awarded first prize for an essay in an International Competition – “Europe at School”.

The first copy of the school newspaper “Corridor”.





Donation of fully equipped computers for the School;

Second prize in a competition “Bulgaria and the European Committee”;

Honorary Diploma for Headmaster Mrs. M.Popova for her contribution to the language education policy, legally established by the Ministry of Education.

Second prize in an International Competition “Europe at School” - Maria Garova -12th Grade.




UNESCO award “Images and Sounds in My Town” – awarded to a group of students under the guidance of Emil Krastev, teacher in philosophy.







Member of The Association of Cambridge Schools in Bulgaria;

Associated Lycees for Foreign languages and Culture of the European Community to Sofia University “St.Kl.Ohridski”.








Certificate of quality from the Ministry of Education and Science referring to a project “A Bridge to Europe” – Socrates program and co-program Komensky – established in 2007 in students partnership with the Professional College “Hans Schwier”, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, contributed to the membership of Bulgaria in the European Union.


10th Anniversary of “St.Methodius” Gymnasium of foreign languages celebrated with students in Germany – Munich, Austria – Salzburg, Greece – Tessalonike, Edessa, Tassos, Chiprovski monastery -2010 anniversary, Lopushanski monastery, Berkovitza etc.


National award from Ministry of Education and Science for the project “Media club” of the program “School – a Dream Territory”

The Textbook “Sdrasti”- “Grüß dich!”, “Hallo!”  in German written by students  from the Gymnasium, published by B. Kramlovsky at The University in Vienna, Austria with the support of Kultur Kontakt Austria, Siemens, University of Sofia “St.Kl.Ohridski”.




Work started on the project “European school-club network of the Foreign Language Schools in Sofia”. The student’s European club at PGICHE “St. Methodius” with Ninna Ivanova as leader is distinguished with a diploma for first place.









On the 22.01.2010. The school’s European club, leaded by Ninna Ninova and Maryika Popova, takes part in a traditional competition organized by the European Parliament “Euroscola”. The aim of this competition is to urge the youngest Europeans to simulatesessions of the particular commissions, towork out a plan and to “adopt” a resolution of the Parliament. Teenagers of 19 countries of the European Union took part in the competition. The representatives of PGICHE “St. Methodius” won three chairman seats in three commissions and won three diplomas and a medal for their excellent knowledge of the English language, awarded to them personally by the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek.











In March 2010 the Gymnasium was host of the annual English national language competition, organized by the Association of Cambridge schools in Bulgaria.

2011 – 16.04. Doors open day of Cambridge schools in Bulgaria at the Princess Hotel in Sofia - German and English language teachers were present. Introductionof the new textbooks in German and English, meetings with the authors and exchange of experience.


2011 - PGICHE “St. Methodius” and the Business Foundation for Education join together for the project ”Tandem” for the creation of communication between the generations and the cultures with the financial aid of the EC program “Leonardo da Vinci.”


2011 – 04. Visit at the European Economics and Management College in Plovdiv, for the realization of a common collaboration in the management of European projects.


2012 – Successful realization of the Ministry of Education project “SUCCESS” – To make the school an attractive place for young people. More than 112 students took part in 12 different clubs divided by interests: “Sense Seeker”, “Archimedes”, “Green Street”, “Let’s Keep Bulgaria Clean”, “ Folklore and Traditions, “Computer Animation”, How to be Successful in your Career”, “EuropeanKitchen”, “Slavic World”, “European Union”, “I the Photographer”, “Traveller”.